Hoodiaplex - Charged my credit credit without my approval

Reston, Virginia 0 comments

What a spam.I sent in for a free sample of Hoodiacut and paid for the shipping costs.

A couple of days later I received a larger bottle of Hoodia cut and I did not order it. It came from a company called Real Solutions Labs located in Plano, Tx. When you call the number it directs you to another number. They are giving me the run around so I am calling my credit card company and filing an appeal.

They better not send me any more Hoodia cut. I am soooooo pissed off.

I will fall for a scam again.

Hoodiaplex sent me a diet supplement I didn't order!

Portland, Oregon 2 comments
Not resolved

A hoodia diet pill company advertised a free sample, I was only to pay the shipping: I recieved the sample but decided against the purchase.3weeks later I recieved a full bottle for $69 with no invoice but billed to my creditcard.

The bottle has been returned and I would like the billing removed.

they are HOODIAPLEX.com ( Las Vegas) my postal return reciept # is 0306 0320 0002 4604 7496 my E-mail: anders151@msn.com This company cannot be reached off of the number on the credit card statement, two numbers later I have been sent here where I don't know what will happen?

Review about: Hoodia Complex.


Brookings, South Dakota, United States #8831

ultimate hoodia sent my husband free pills no invoice & being billed twice 79.95 from green tea llc with a label over the top of that from Performance Health USA.Im one pissed off ***.

I want my money back ***.

stop sending items to people who dont want your ***.:(

Warrenton, Missouri, United States #4669

They have done this to me too!!!

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